Friday, February 3, 2012


If you know anything about me, you'll know I have a cat named Parley P. Cat. If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that said cat is old and sick. And if this is the first time you're hearing anything about any of this, it's probably your own fault because if you know me--even a little--you know how much I love my cat.

Parley is on day two at the vet. She's been having trouble breathing so they're treating her with lasik shots to draw fluid from her lungs. The kids and I went to see her this morning and she is breathing normally now and has a little bit of spring back in her old bones. She's approaching 14, though you wouldn't know it to look at her. She's still playful and spry. If you've known her all her life, though, you can tell. She's mellowed quite a bit and is skinnier than she's ever been. Never one to cuddle on cue, she was true to form in the vet's office, opting to sit with us just for a little while before climbing down and investigating. And this is when we learned of a new symptom: Parley can't see.

Part of this week's on-going sickness has been extremely dilated pupils. And I mean Shrek's Puss in Boot's have-pity-on-me-I'm-the-cutest-cat-in-the-world dilated pupils. Her pupils are still too large, making her look like she's in a continual state of devilry. The cause is unknown as all her blood work came back normal (although her thyroid is in the high range, but still normal--it wouldn't account for blindness anyway). I should amend that blind statement by adding that she can't see well. I think she can see in general but I'm not sure that she has very good depth perception. She ran into a cabinet and a wall. And even though she knew they were there, she didn't know exactly where they were. She reached them sooner than she thought she would.

There are treatments and procedures and specialists that she can see. But she's 14 years old. I grew up on a farm. Treatments, procedures and specialists are costly. Put it all together. We'll bring Parley home tomorrow to live out the rest of her days/weeks/years with us. We'll love her and spoil her and sleep with her whether she can see us or not. And by we, I mean I. I love her to pieces for so many reasons (another post entirely; I don't have time for anything but a health update today) but I am a country girl and as much as I love Parley like a person, I know she's an animal. My main goal is to keep her free of pain, which she is, and let nature take its course. I just hope the rest of the course is a long and winding one.


Daven and Savanna Lake said...

I remember visiting you in Alabama (the same trip when I bought the blue "Ty" elephant and named him Smorgasbord) and Parley was just a little kitty who loved to play and sleep under the bed sheets.

Side note: the security word verification is CATizen. Parley is an official catizen of society.

Jenny Sue said...

You're a great pet person, Cheyenne! Also, the thing about pets is that they adapt so much better than most of us people! She'll get used to her sight failing her, adapt, and move on with her life. Hugs for her and you!

tracyp said...

Aww Parley! I can see Price having new boy fun playing with that eyesight. Or maybe thats what I would have done. :) I'm glad Parley gets to come home and play with the family.